Monday, 14 October 2013

What are your favorite crafts

I like to try various crafts, but my favorite are crochet and knitting.  Before the  Internet age you had to buy a magazine or go to the library to find something worth to do. Nowadays is easier to find a craft, just do a search and you will have millions of things to do, that is my problem when I see a beautiful craft project or pattern it lures me into making it.
The most things I like to do are toys for my children and Christmas ornaments, I like to make my own ornaments instead of buying them, I know they wouldn't be as beautiful as the store bought ones, but I feel prouder.  Nowadays I am searching for easy crafts that my children can do for Christmas ornaments.  They like to make crafts which they can paint, I know it can be messy but I like to see the expression on their faces while doing the craft.  They feel proud too, when the ornament is ready, because they can say that they made.   Crafts can also be used as a learning material, like for example making a model of the earth or a volcano for science, remember that while playing children are learning.
What are your favorite crafts and what do you like doing most?  Please post, so that I can find more of that crafts and things you like.  

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