Thursday, 30 January 2014

Crochet Cookie Monster

Crochet Cookie Monster with his cookie, and don't forget to hide your cookies.

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Crochet Keroppi

Any fans of Keroppi, then crochet this cute toy for them or maybe for yourself.

Crochet Digger Loader

Crochet this cute digger loader and I am sure that the owner will have lots of play hours.

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Crochet Easy Coasters

Crochet these easy coasters to protect your table.  You can use your scraps of yarn and make various coloured ones. Skill level: Easy
crochet easiest coaster ever
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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014

Crocheted Shell Bookmark

Crochet this elegant bookmark for yourself or as a gift.  Use what color you like.

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Star Trek Coffee Cozy

Any fans of Star Trek you know, you can make them or maybe for yourself this coffee cup cozy.  Skill level: easy.
Free Star Trek Cozy
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Crochet a Fishing Game

Make this cute fishing game for hours of fun.  Make the fish in what color you like.  Happy Fishing.

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Crochet a Bunny Bookmark

Crochet this cute Bunny bookmark, and keep your page.  Use your scraps of yarn to create different colored bunnies.

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Crochet a Daisy Applique

Crochet this beautiful daisy applique, on the site you will find one pattern for a big daisy and another one for a smaller one.  Use this flower for many projects.

crochet daisy applique
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Crochet a Spring Easter Basket

Make this beautiful crochet Easter Basket to keep all those chocolate Easter eggs, or make some crocheted ones.  The basket can be used also made for little Princesses to play with.
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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Crochet an Alien

Crochet Axelrod a cute little alien, don't be afraid of him, he is searching for human friends.

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Crochet a Pirate Cozy for Glasses, Mugs and Mason Jars

ARRGH, crochet these cute pirate cozies for your glasses, mugs or mason jars, the site also have a strawberry lemonade recipe.
talk like a pirate day
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Crochet Some Flowers

On this site you will find three different easy flowers to make, use your scraps of yarn to make them more colorful and use these flowers for lots of different projects.

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Crochet a Citrus Collection

Crochet a citrus fruit collection, and put them in a fruit bowl or make them as a toy.
amigurumi citrus collection by planetjune
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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Crochet Animal Pillows

Crochet these cute animal pillows for children's room or maybe for the sofa or maybe they can be used as soft toys too.
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Crochet an Easy Neck Warmer

Crochet this beautiful easy neck warmer, and keep your neck warm during this cold winter.
crochet easy neck warmer
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