Monday, 26 June 2017

Hi to All

Sorry for taking long to post, this year it was a bit hard and busy for me, but I hope with summer I can post more.

Thanks for checking out my Blog.

Crochet a 2 in 1 Bag

Crochet this handy bag which you can change into a clutch.

crochet clutch free pattern

Here is the link:

Make a pretend toy Lemonade Jug or Measuring Jug with a Toilet Paper Roll

Make a simple hut

Crochet a Cosy Striped Shawl

On this site, you can find the pattern to make this beautiful Striped Shawl.

Cozy Striped Shawl Crochet Pattern | | #crochet #fiber

Here is the link:

Crochet an open Capelet

Here is a quick and easy Capelet to crochet.

Here is the link: