Thursday, 3 March 2016


Thanks for checking my blog and thanks to those who continue coming back, even if I take long to write a post.  This means alot to me and gives me more courage to continue with this directory.

If you have a blog or website and have free patterns or crafts and want me to post them here, contact me by email

Thanks to you All again.

Diane Borg

Crochet an Elaborate Spring Beanie

Crochet this beautiful beanie the size is for 3- 6 babies.  It would be a beautiful gift.

Elaborate Spring Beanie free crochet pattern
Here is the link:

Crochet a Cookie Monster Hat

Hide all the cookies, cookie monster is here.  Crochet this Cookie Monster hat for all fans, the pattern has different sizes from babies to adults.

Here is the link:

Minecraft Video Tutorials

My oldest son is making video tutorials of the game Minecraft, they are on my Youtube channel.

If you have or know children that are beginners of Minecraft maybe these tutorials can help them, if they can't find the tutorial they need, you can comment below or on a Minecraft video, and if my son can he will be happy to help.


3 Robots to Embroider

On this site you will find a pattern to embroider these 3 robots.  You can use them for lots of projects like pillows, towels, clothes, etc...

Here is the link:

Crochet a Miniature Knitting Basket

Crochet this cute miniature knitting basket and maybe use it in a doll's house or diorama, you need to scroll down a bit until you see the photo of the basket and press Download Here.

Here is the link:

Crochet a Plumeria Flower

 Crochet this lovely flower and add it to your projects.

plumeria flower crochet pattern by planetjune
Here is the link:

Crochet a Snuggly Caterpillar

Crochet this soft caterpillar, you can make it short for a soft toy or long for a draft dodger.  You can also use your scraps of yarns.

caterpillar free crochet pattern 2 crochet hooks
Here is the link:

Crochet a Groundhog

I don't know if groundhogs predicts early spring or no, but I am sure children will have hours of fun playing with this groundhog finger puppet.

Here is the link:

Crochet a Crocodile

Crochet this crocodile and add it to your children's play zoo.

crochet crocodile
Here is the link:

Easy Baby Leggings to Sew

Turn a pair of socks into baby leggings with the tutorial on this site.

Here is the link:

How to crochet a Mario Shell

Do you know any Mario Bros fans?  Then you can crochet this Mario Shell for them.

Here is the link:

Crochet a Star Hook Case

This hook case is crocheted with star stitch,  it is perfect to store in it your crochet hook instead of leaving them running around like mine.

Here is the link:

Crochet a Little Rottweiler Dog

Crochet this really cute puppy, I am sure it will appreciated if given as a gift.

Here is the link:

A Swimsuit Cover-up to Sew for Both Mother and Dauther

On this site you will find instructions with photos to make these lovely swimsuit cover-up for both woman and girls, they can also be worn as everyday clothes too.

Mommy and Me Swimsuit cover-up tutorial.  (So easy and oh-so cute!) #Sewing #tutorial #coverup
Here is the link:

A Painting Tutorial

On this site you will find a tutorial to paint this lovely block.

Feeling stressed? Try a little artistic meditation to relax and unwind while creating a stunning piece of art.
Here is the link:

Crochet an Eggs Cozy

This egg cozy can be used daily or maybe as an Easter table decoration.

Crochet Egg Cozy Pattern ... Awesome Easter Table Decor! | | #crochet #Easter #egg #cozy #holiday
Here is the link:

Crochet a Two Layer Flower

Crochet these beautiful flowers and use them for lots of projects, and you can use your scraps of yarn.  Skill level: easy

Here is the link: