Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sew Your Own Backpack

On this site you can find directions to make this beautiful backpack.

DIY Sewing Pattern and Tutorial: How to make an On the Go Backpack.

Here is the link:

Build a Dog Bed from a Drawer

Here is a good idea to use  old drawers laying around, or any ones bought from a garage sale.

Build a Dog Bed From a Drawer 11

Here is the link :

Crochet a Pretty Lacy Edging

Add this beautiful crochet edging to your blankets and maybe towels too.

lacy crochet edging

Here is the link:

Crochet a Sweet and Simple Flower

A simple flower to crochet, which you can use for other projects, like for example added to a bag, etc...

Sweet and Simple Crochet Flower Pattern | | #crochet #fiber

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